Professional postgraduate educational program description:

Professional postgraduate educational program target:

Improve qualification of urban planning specialists with the special theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the fields of the urban territory sustainable development planning.

The general education and professional tasks of the program:

  1. The Special analyses and its practical usage in urban planning process.
  2. The urban architecture and urban planning principles in the context of the other disciplines;
  3. Urban development designing and computer modelling;
  4. Town planning law, the laws and regulations of the claims and their practical application;
  5. Social, ecological and geological interaction;
  6. Principles of sustainable development;
  7. The use of geographical information systems.

Vocational training programmes of the quality assessment:

Certificates of training receives, the person who had received an accredited university education - RTU licensed education in urban planning and received a rating of not less than 4 (almost mediocre) or “counted” in all educational subjects and tests.

Education opportunities for further training:

  • Continue training vocational training programs;
  • Study different types of courses and seminars