Technical environment.

Rigas technical university Spatial and Regional Development Research Center (SPARD) uses UNIX based systems. Its benefits for center mainly are open source, free software, UNIX based operating systems are used for most powerfull HPC's (all Top10 HPC's uses Linux). Ideal solution of software and hardware was Apple products which has powerfull hardware and UNIX based operation system combination.

SPARD uses Xgrid (Mac OS X server) program for date processing, spatial modeling, and large algorithm calculation. It's main function is to divide smaller parts and split them between powerful servers.

At the moment SPARD clusters performance is more then 1Tflop/s, and the modular architecture allows for us to increase the performance to the required value. So in this case SPARD cluster is one of most powerful cluster of such kind.

Technical description:

4 pieces of Apple Mac Pro each equipped with 2x Intel X5670 2.93MHz processors are used for Xgrid calculations, there all are connected to each other via optical fiber connections. All these calculations are managed by one Apple Mac pro server with 2x Intel X5620 2.40MHz, which in same time works as main server for center. All input and output data are stored on 16TB Promise storage.

SPARD IT infrastructure is evolving all time. The aim for nearest future is to get in worlds HPC TOP500, to do that we must reach about 60-70 Tflops/s performance of our server center.